Period 1 Algebra 1

Course Prospectus

Friday, May 26:  No Homework
Thursday, May 25:  Study for test!
Wednesday, May 24:  Review Worksheet
Tuesday, May 23:  Worksheet Radicals and Polynomials 2
Monday, May 22:  Worksheet - Test on Friday!

Blizzard Bag #2 - Do the linked worksheet.  If you have questions, email me ( Bring worksheet and work to class - it will be collected!

Wednesday, March 29:  Complete Google Form activity  You must show work on a separate piece of paper which will be collected!
Tuesday, March 28:  Study for Formative Quiz
Monday, March 27:  Review Worksheet - Formative Quiz on Wednesday

Friday, March 17: No Homework
Thursday, March 16:  Finish the back sheet of the today's worksheet, study!
Wednesday, March 15:  Review Worksheet - Summative on Functions this Friday!
Monday, March 13:  Worksheet - Even/odd Functions plus
Friday, March 10:  No Homework
Thursday, March 9:  Review Worksheet
Wednesday, March 8:  Study Parent Functions
Tuesday, March 7:  Study Parent Functions - Formative Quiz on Friday
Monday, March 6:  Worksheet - Translations of Graphs
Friday, February 17:  No Homework
Thursday, February 16:  Worksheet - Absolute Value Functions
Wednesday, February 15:  Worksheet - Functions 1
Tuesday, February 14:  Finish worksheet from class
Monday, February 13:  No school
Friday, February 10:  No Homework
Thursday, February 9:  Do Blizzard Bag #1
Wednesday, February 8:  Study for Summative
Tuesday, February 7:  If you have not completed the Review Worksheet, please do so. If you need a copy, click on the link.  Our summative is Thursday!
Monday, February 6:  Review Worksheet   Summative: Thursday

Tuesday, January 17:  Study for Midyear Exam - complete Reference Sheet!
Friday, January 13:  Worksheet Midyear Review 3
Thursday, January 12:  Worksheet Midyear Review 2
Wednesday, January 11:  Worksheet Midyear Review 1
Tuesday, January 10:  Study for Summative on Graphing and Writing Equations
Monday, January 9:  Review Worksheet - Graphing and Writing Equations  Summative Wednesday
Friday, January 6:  No Homework
Thursday, January 5:  Worksheet Writing Equations
Wednesday, January 4:  Worksheet on Graphing
Tuesday, January 3:  Worksheet Graphing with Slope Intercept Method
Friday, December 16:  No Homework
Thursday, December 15:  Worksheet Graphing with x/y intercept method
Wednesday, December 14:  Worksheet Graphing with Table of Values 2
Tuesday, December 13:  Worksheet Graphing with Table of Values 1
Thursday, December 8:  Study
Wednesday, December 7:  Review Worksheet
Tuesday, December 6:  Worksheet More Slope
Monday, December 5:  Worksheet Slope Plus  Summative on Friday
Friday, December 2:  No Homework
Thursday, December 1:  Worksheet Special Cases of Absolute Value Inequalities
Wednesday, November 30:  Worksheet More Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities
Tuesday, November 29:  Worksheet Absolute Value Inequalities
Monday, November 28:  Complete worksheet on Absolute Value Equations
Tuesday, November 22:  No Homework  Have a nice Thanksgiving!
Monday, November 21:  Study for Summative
Friday, November 18:  Review Worksheet - Summative on Tuesday
Thursday, November 17:  Worksheet - Compound Inequalities
Wednesday, November 16:  No Homework
Tuesday, November 15:  Study for Formative Quiz
Monday, November 14:  Review Worksheet   Formative Quiz on Wednesday
Thursday, November 10:  No Homework
Wednesday, November 9:  Worksheet Solving Inequalities
Monday, November 7:  No Homework  Notebooks due Thursday
Friday, November 4:  No Homework
Thursday, November 3:  No Homework
Wednesday, November 2:  Finish PD and study!
Tuesday, November 1:  Review Worksheet 2
Monday, October 31:  Review Worksheet 1  Summative on Thursday
Friday, October 28:  No Homework
Thursday, October 27:  Worksheet - Applications with Proportions
Wednesday, October 26:  Worksheet - Solving Proportions
Tuesday, October 25:  Finish the problem of the day
Monday, October 24:  Worksheet - Ratios, Rates and Conversions
Friday, October 21:  No Homework!
Thursday, October 20:  Study!
Wednesday, October 19:  Review Worksheet
Tuesday, October 18:  Worksheet - Age Problems plus
Monday, October 17:  Worksheet - Percent Number Problems  Test on Friday
Friday, October 14:  No Homework
Thursday, October 13:  Worksheet Literal Equations
Wednesday, October 12:  Worksheet 2 Consecutive Integers Plus
Tuesday, October 11:  Worksheet Consecutive Integer Plus
Thursday, October 6:  No Homework
Wednesday, October 5:  Study by redoing some of the problems from the worksheets and they Problem of the Days
Tuesday, October 4:  Worksheet 2 Multi-step Equations plus Number Problems
Monday, October 3:  Worksheet Multi-step Equations plus Number Problems 1  Summative on Thursday on Multi-step Equations
Friday, September 30:  No Homework
Thursday, September 29:  Make sure binder is ready to pass in!
Wednesday, September 28:  Study for test
Tuesday, September 27:  Review Worksheet 2
Monday, September 26:  Review Worksheet for Summative 1    Summative (Test) on Thursday, Notebooks due Friday
Friday, September 23:  No Homework
Thursday, September 22:  Solving Equations Worksheet 4
Wednesday, September 21:  Solving Equations Worksheet 3
Tuesday, September 20:  Solving Equations Worksheet 2
Monday, September 19:  No Homework
Friday, September 16:  No Homework
Thursday, September 15:  Review Worksheet
Wednesday, September 14: Worksheet - Similar Terms and Distributive Property 2
Tuesday, September 13: Worksheet - Similar Terms and Distributive Property 1
Monday, September 12:  Worksheet - Types of Numbers and Properties  Formative Quiz on Friday
Friday, September 9:  No Homework
Thursday, September 8:  Review Worksheet  Formative Quiz Friday
Wednesday, September 7:  Worksheet Operations with Signed Numbers Plus
Tuesday, September 6: Worksheet 1-1
Friday, September 2: No Homework - Have a nice long weekend 
Thursday, September 1:  Worksheet - Order of Operations
Wednesday, August 31:  Complete questionnaire