Period 1 AP Calculus

Course Prospectus

Tuesday, April 17:  Begin the portfolio, Bring calculator to class on Thursday.
Monday, April 16:  Open Response Questions - Perpendicular Cross Sections
Thursday, April 12:  Complete PD and watch podcast - fill in notes on podcast.
Tuesday, April 10:  Open Response Questions
Monday, April 9:  Worksheet - Even More Differential Equations
Thursday, April 5:  Worksheet - More Diff Equations     Blank note sheet for those who were absent and need to copy the notes.
Tuesday, April 3:  Finish PD and complete slope field worksheet.
Monday, April 2:  Listen to podcast on Differential Equations and fill in the notes.
Thursday, March 29:  Multiple Choice Worksheet on logs and exp functions
Tuesday, March 27:  Complete worksheet from yesterday and complete the two problem of the days from today.
Monday, March 26:  Worksheet - Derivatives and Integrals of Logs and Exp Functions (all of 1 and all of 7)
Thursday, March 22:  Finish PD and do Page 346 (69 - 85 odd) and Page 363 (85 - 111 odd, skip 103 and 105)  check answers in back of book
Tuesday, March 20:  Worksheet Plus Page 346 (48,50,52) and Page 363-363 (54, 58, 60,62,79)
Thursday, March 15:  You have several things you need to do for next Tuesday.  Please do not wait until the last minute.  First, you need to complete the problem of the day that I gave you.  Second, watch podcast on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.  The podcast is 30 minutes long.  You need to fill in the note sheet - you can pick this up in room 2028 or you can print it off.  Third, complete the worksheet at the end of the note sheets.  
Tuesday, March 13:  Study for test!  Blizzard Bag Assignment
Monday, March 12:  Complete PD number 3 - Remember we have a test on Thursday - Area and Volumes.  Make sure you charge your calculator!
Sunday, March 11:  Answers to Review Worksheet with a few comments.  I am working on the podcast for you.  It looks like another storm is coming.  We will have the summative on Volumes and Area on Thursday.  Monday, I will spend the majority of time on the the PD questions.  If you are having difficulty with this content and these problems, you must make time to come see me so I can help you.  You can come in at 7 am if you want, I will be here!
Here is the podcast!

Thursday, March 8:  Blizzard Bag Plus (I won't see you now until Monday - please spend some time on the following - Correct worksheet from Tuesday (answer sheet) (If you have questions about a specific problem please email me) and complete Review Worksheet and PD.  On Sunday I will post answers to Review Worksheet and a short podcast walking through some of the problems.  Plan on a summative next Thursday on Area and Volume - we will be starting new material next Tuesday.  The PD problems I will cover in detail on Monday.  If you have questions on the other problems, please email me or come see me on Friday.

Tuesday, March 6:  Complete the PD and worksheet
Monday, March 5:  Page 320 - 321 (1, 3, 15, 16, 21)
Tuesday, February 20:  No Homework!  Have a great vacation!
Monday, February 19:  Worksheet Area 2  Summative tomorrow - notebooks due tomorrow!
Thursday, February 15:  Review Worksheet
Tuesday, February 13:  Worksheet Area Between Two Curves  Summative next Tuesday, Notebooks due next Tuesday
Monday, February 12:  Worksheet More Riemann's Sum plus PD
Thursday, February 8:  Page 265 (1-9,13,14)  Page 314 (39-41 and 45)
Tuesday, February 6:  Complete the Riemann Sum worksheets
Monday, February 5:  Complete the Problem of the Day, study for formative quiz
Thursday, February 1:  Worksheet on Integration - Formative Quiz on Tuesday
Tuesday, January 30:  Page 
Monday, January 29:  Worksheet Integration I and page 271 (9, 15, 19, 22, 26, 27) _____________________________________________________________
Thursday, January 25:  Worksheet Antiderivatives II and Integration
Monday, January 22:  Watch podcast - this will take you about 30 minutes.  You must take notes and do the examples that are done on the podcast as examples in your notes.  At the end of the podcast there are 6 problems that must be completed for Thursday, January 25.  These 6 problems will take 20 to 30 minutes to do.
Friday, January 19:  A podcast will be posted Sunday evening.  Make sure you watch podcast and complete the problems by Thursday, January 25!
Tuesday, January 16:  Study for Midterm Part II
Friday, January 12:  Study for Midterm Part I which will be given on Tuesday, January 16.  Watch podcast that contains the answers to the remaining review problems.
Thursday, January 11:  Finish portfolio
Tuesday, January 9:  Work on portfolio
Monday, January 8:  Work on portfolio
Thursday, January 4:  Blizzard Bag assignment - write a rough draft of the "Limit" essay and send it to me (or bring it to me on Friday).  This will allow me to read your essay and give you feedback before the portfolio is due.  Once you have completed the rough draft of the limit essay, continue to work on the portfolio.  If you have questions, email me -  If you have a problem written out with annotations and you would like me to give you some feedback, take a picture of it and send the picture to me.  Or, stop by on Friday and l will be more than happy to take a look at what you have completed and offer feedback.  Use this time wisely!  The portfolio is due in one week!

Tuesday, January 2:  Work on your portolio!
Thursday, December 21:  No Homework!  Have a great vacation!
Tuesday, December 19:  Study for test on Optimization and Motion, Test is Thursday
Thursday, December 14:  Review Worksheet
Tuesday, December 12:  Watch podcast, take notes and complete Motion Worksheet
Monday, December 11:  Worksheet III Optimization Problems
Thursday, December 7:  Worksheet II Optimization Problems
Tuesday, December 5:  Worksheet I Optimization Problems
Sunday, December 3:  Podcast with answers to second derivative test assignment.
Thursday, November 30:  Listen to podcast (second derivative test), fill in notes, complete problems at end of podcast.
Tuesday, November 28:  Study for Summative!
Monday, November 27:  Review Worksheet - Summative on Thursday!
Tuesday, November 21:  NO HOMEWORK!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get some rest!
Monday, November 20:  Worksheet - Slant Asymptotes
Thursday, November 16:  Page 207 (16 - 19) Plus a complete analysis of y=x/(x^2-1)  NOTEBOOKS due next Tuesday!
Tuesday, November 14:  Worksheet - Derivatives and Their Graphs
Thursday, November 9:  Worksheet - Analyze Graphs Plus
Tuesday, November 7:  Listen to podcast and fill in notes.  Do problems at the end of the podcast.
Monday, November 6:  Study for summative on Related Rates and Implicit Differentation
Thursday, November 2:  Page 190-191 (7-15 odd, 19, 31, 36, 40, 43)
Monday, October 30:  Due to NO SCHOOL today, your summative will be on Thursday!  Please spread the word if you can.  Hope everyone has power and is safe - Indy and I are well, in the dark (no power), but well!
Thursday, October 26:  Review Worksheet Due Monday.  Podcast with answers and explanations  The answer to 10 is wrong in the beginning of the podcast dy/dx = -y/(x-y) and the second derivative is 3/(x-y)^3.  Summative - Tuesday on Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates.
Tuesday, October 24:  Worksheet More Related Rates due on Thursday
Monday, October 23:  Worksheet 2 on Related Rates
Thursday, October 19:  Worksheet Related Rates (due Monday), finish Implicit Differentiation Open Response (due tomorrow)
Tuesday, October 17:  Page 168 (1, 2, 9, 13, 15, 16) Plus Implicit Differentiation
Monday, October 16:  Worksheet - Implicit Differentiation Open Response Due Friday!
Thursday, October 12:  Listen to podcast on Implicit Differentiation, fill in notes, do the additional 3 problems and then listen to second podcast - Answers to the 3 HW problems.
Tuesday, October 10:  Study for summative on Derivatives!
Thursday, October 5:  Review worksheet.  Podcast with answers and explanations.  Summative on Thursday.  I will keep Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon open.  If you would like to come by for extra help or just extra practice, let me know.
Tuesday, October 3:  Page 154 - 155 (31, 33, 35, 36, 45, 46, 48, 56, 84, 86, 87)
Thursday, September 28:  Page 142 (19, 22, 23, 25), Page 146 - 147 (6, 8, 15, 17, 23, 27, 28, 39).  Watch podcast on More Derivatives and fill in this sheet. All of this is due on Tuesday.
Tuesday, September 26:  Worksheet - Derivative Graphs AND go to student desmos, enter code S3APW and sign into your account.  Please complete the desmos activity.
Monday, September 25:  Worksheet - Beginning Derivatives
Thursday, September 21:  Page 118 (22 - 28 even), Page 126 (4 - 10 even, 18, 19, 20, 23)
Tuesday, September 19:  Worksheet - Difference Quotient
Monday, September 18:  Study for Summative!
Thursday, September 14:  Review Worksheet.  Summative on Limits and Continuity will be on Tuesday, September 19.
Tuesday, September 12:  Complete worksheet - Continuity, Limits and more.  This is due on Thursday.
Monday, September 11:  Page 70 (57, 58, 59) - due on Tuesday.  Study for formative quiz on limits which will also be given on Tuesday.  Here are a few miscellaneous limit problems and a podcast with a mini review to help you study.
Thursday, September 7:  There are two things you need to do for Monday, September 11
   1) Complete the worksheet on Limits
   2) After you have completed the worksheet, watch the video/podcast.  If possible print this sheet off - it goes with the podcast.  If you are unable to print, you will need to copy a few things down (it is not a lot of copying!)

Tuesday, September 5:  Page 75-76 (14, 20, 27, 34, 41, 54)  Page 80 (18, 20, 22-26, 29, 31) Both pages are due on Thursday, September 7.
Thursday, August 31:  There are THREE things you need to do for Tuesday, September 5
   1)  Complete Problem of the Day #1 - I gave this to you, it is on yellow paper
   2) Do pages 75-76 (8, 9, 10, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 38, 40, 48, 51)
   3) After you have completed 1 and 2, watch the video Make sure you have PD#1 with you, pages 75-76 with you and have your red pen handy!  The video is about 16 minutes long - remember you can pause the video at any time.

Wednesday, August 30:  Complete worksheet - Visual Approach to Limits (both sides) and complete questionnaire.  These items are due tomorrow - Thursday, August 31!

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